2016-2017 Branch Scholarship Recipients

Jarah Cooper                Senior in Personal Finance Planning

Sarah May                     Junior in Computer Information Systems & Cyber Security

Eliza Weber                   Master’s degree student in Fine Arts

Jarah Cooper is one of our three K-State scholarship recipients for the 2016/17 term. If you recognize her name it is because she was also one of our recipients in 2015/16. Jarah is attending K-State at the Salina campus and majoring in personal financial planning. She will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in May this year. She has two part time jobs while attending school. She works at the Student Life Center on campus and also at DVACK (Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas). Last year she was active in the Student Governing Association. According to the reference letters sent on her behalf, she has been a “true campus leader” and “passionate on campus by demonstrating women’s equity in education (especially so, since our Polytechnic campus has a majority of male students)”.

Sarah May is also one of our scholarship recipients for the 2016/17 term. She is originally from Eskridge, Kansas and earned her Associate Degree in Business Administration from Flint Hills Technical College. Sarah worked for Security Benefit in Topeka and eventually went to Allen Community College where she received an Associate Degree in Information Technology. She is now working on her bachelor’s degree in computer information systems with a minor in Leadership Studies. Sarah will graduate in May 2018 from Kansas State. She worked last year at the Information Technology Assistance Center on campus. This year she is dedicating her time to her studies. Sarah is looking forward to joining us at our April branch meeting.