Welcome to AAUW – Manhattan, Kansas!

Remarks from President Marlene VerBrugge:

Kudos to the 19th Amendment committee for their partnership with the League of Women Voters. They displayed banners and posters eleven times around Manhattan for getting out the vote and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

Support the National AAUW Funds to Support our Bold Mission!

2020 – What a year! This year, like no other, has shone a light on inequities that AAUW has confronted for decades – healthcare disparity, lack of adequate sick and parental leave time, the gender wage gap, Title IX rollbacks, and voter suppression – just to name a few. These persistent and underlying inequities, ever at the forefront of AAUW’s mission, are now being compounded by global health and economic crises.

Each fall the Manhattan Branch collects funds to support the mission and advocacy work of AAUW. Your donation allows AAUW to continue to perform groundbreaking work in areas where women and girls are short-changed.

To make a donation you can: 1) send a check made payable to AAUW to Amanda Gaulke, Branch Treasurer (1420 Waterford Place, Apt 5, Manhattan, KS 66502); or 2) go to https://ww2.aauw.org/donate-gift-new/ . The link will automatically direct your gift to the “Greatest Needs Funds”, but you can also select one of the four areas listed below that. Follow the directions on the screen to complete your transaction. Be sure to enter your AAUW Member ID so the Branch receives credit. (Contact Marlene VerBrugge or Connie Noble if you need your Member ID.) Send your check to Amanda by November 18 or donate online by December 31. We want your contribution to count in our 2020 total!

Please thoughtfully consider sharing your resources to make a difference in the lives of other women and girls today. Whether you can contribute $5 or $500, there will never be a better time to support AAUW. Thank you!

Tresa Landis, State AAUW Funds Chair
Amanda Gaulke, Branch Treasurer

AAUW Manhattan Branch

The AAUW Manhattan (KS) Branch is one of the five active branches in Kansas and was established in 1920. Our members are knowledgeable, interesting women of various ages and backgrounds joined together to promote the interests and provide support to women and girls in our growing, vibrant community.  We also thoroughly enjoy just being together!  K-State students and faculty can further take advantage of AAUW’s programs and resources by participating in the new student organization, AAUW at Kansas State University.  Learn more under the K-STATE PARTNER section or visit them on Facebook @AAUW at K-State.

Important goals for our local branch are:

    • Passionately uniting to promote the advancement and equity for women in education, career paths, pay, leadership, and economic and political opportunities.
    • Networking locally and nationally with women who support equal opportunities and advancement for women and girls.
    • Sustaining AAUW-Manhattan Branch heritage to the community by providing branch scholarships to K-State non-traditional female students.
    • Promoting AAUW National fellowships and grants to women scholars and community projects that benefit women and girls.

A Manhattan (KS) Branch membership form is available in the Join section.

Interested in obtaining more information about upcoming meetings or membership?  Please contact: