Kansas 2017 AAUW State Board NCCWSL Scholarship Winner Carly Wright

Carly Wright, a junior at Kansas State University, has been awarded the second Kansas AAUW State Board 2017 NCCWSL Scholarship.   The Kansas AAUW State Board is excited to announce the winner of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) Scholarship.  The State Board Scholarship committee for the 2017 scholarship selected Carly Wright, a student at Kansas State University. Kansas State University is a College/University Partner school.

Carly is from Clearwater, Kansas and a junior at Kansas State University majoring in political science (prelaw) with a minor in Spanish. She is the Membership Chair of the AAUW@K-State student organization. In her application Carly said this about going to NCCWSL “The opportunity to improve my leadership skills, make new connections, and be exposed to the unfamiliar will equip me with the skills necessary to ensure that women everywhere have the opportunity to be educated, heard, and empowered”.

The NCCWSL conference is May 31-June 3, 2017 and held at the University of Maryland, College Park. The Kansas AAUW State Board voted to assist one Kansas NCCWSL Scholarship winner with conference expenses up to $750 to attend the nation’s premier leadership conference for college women. Students who attend this conference share that the conference is a transformative experience. NCCWSL prepares college women to be the next generation of leaders and help them make their future what they want.

Kansas 2016 AAUW State Board NCCWSL Scholarship Winner Tara Terwilliger

Tara Terwilliger is the first awardee of the Kansas AAUW State Board National Conference for College Women Student Leaders Scholarship (NCCWSL).  Tara is a graduating Senior May 2017 in Political Science & Women’s Studies (Prelaw) at Kansas State University.  She is the current and founding President of AAUW@ K-State student organization.

One of the four speakers at the AAUW State Conference on April 22, 2017 was Tara Terwilliger, graduating senior at Kansas State University, who shared her experiences as the first awardee of the Kansas AAUW State Board NCCWSL scholarship winner.  Tara attended the NCCWSL conference in May 2016 at the University of Maryland College Park.

Tara thanked the AAUW members for their financial support and good wishes stating it was a “life changing” experience for her. The impact of meeting other AAUW student organization officers and members, providing the opportunity to make ‘life-friends” and participating in helpful workshops were highlighted.

Tara said her thinking was significantly impacted by Franchesca Ramsey, comedian and NCCWSL keynote speaker.  Tara purchased Ms Ramsey’s book and is sharing it with others.  Tara’s presentation delighted all members with the acknowledgement of the significance and inspiration the NCCWSL conference provided to her life and emerging career.