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E-Student Membership

KSU-AAUW Partnership

K-State is an official AAUW college/university (C/U) partner, thus FREE E-student membership is available to all undergraduate students.  Graduate students join as regular national and branch members (at a reduced rate for the first year) and can apply for fellowships to support master’s level study and dissertation writing, publication, and postdoctoral research.

C/U Representatives:
Kerri Keller, Director, Career and Employment Services
kdkeller@ksu.edu        785-532-1691

Dana Hastings, Office of the President
dhasting@ksu.edu       785-532-6221

Local Benefits of AAUW-KSU Partnership (faculty, staff, and students)

  • Community of friends and professional contacts and a powerful local and national network for personal and professional growth.
  • Special meetings at more convenient times on campus with topics of interest.
  • Keep informed on current equity educational, social, and economic issues through AAUW’s growing social media network; AAUW Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Better access to AAUW fellowships, grants, and scholarships.
  • Encouraging women to enter academic areas of engineering, law, business, medicine, computer science, architecture, and mathematics.
  • Educational and professional development experiences to improve your personal and leadership skills.

Free E-student membership for K-State undergraduates.