$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops

$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops are no longer available at Kansas State University

The $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops are no longer available at Kansas State University because the three-year site license has expired.  However, it is an excellent program and interested students should visit https://www.aauw.org/ to learn more about the program.   Workshops offered from September 2015 through May 2016 are featured in the monthly AAUW branch newsletter here.

paragraph_separatorK-State and AAUW Host $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops

April 14, 2015

The Manhattan Branch celebrated Equal Pay Day on April 14 with an AAUW exhibit in K‐State’s Leadership Studies Building from 1 ‐ 4 p.m., followed by a two‐hour $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop given by Career and Employment Services (CES). Nationwide, Equal Pay Day is celebrated in April. It is the symbolic day when women’s earnings (78 cents to men’s dollar) finally catch up to men’s earnings from the previous year. Equal Pay Day is a powerful occasion to raise awareness and organize action around the gender pay gap in our communities. At the AAUW exhibit, Patricia Floros and Janet Skochdopole greeted students, explained the significance of Equal Pay Day, passed out Equal Pay Day bars, shared membership information, and recruited three new E‐student affiliates! The 2015 edition of AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap also was distributed to students and faculty. The report explains the pay gap in the U.S.; how it affects women of all ages, races, and education levels; and what you can do to close it! The successful $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop was attended by 19 students and six new facilitators.

October 21, 2014

The highly successful, October 21 $tart $mart ($$) workshop co‐sponsored by AAUW and Career and Employment services was held at the Staley School of Leadership Studies on the K‐State campus. This event promotes and educates women on AAUW public policy issue of equal pay and how to negotiate for equitable salaries and benefits. The $tart$mart facilitator group chose to use five presenters, making the presentation more lively and engaging. The Manhattan Branch used this as an AAUW information and recruitment event. More than 18 students attended. Three women signed up through the Give–A‐Grad A Gift program ‐ Kassie Curran, Elizabeth Gutierrez and Lacey Ward and are new members of the Branch. Please welcome them as new members.

October 6 and 7, 2013

Annie Houle conducts salary negotiation workshops.

Annie Houle conducts salary negotiation workshops.

Knowledge and skills needed for college women to negotiate salaries and benefits they deserve at all stages of their careers was the subject of the $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops on October 6 and 7, 2013.   About 70 undergraduate and graduate students attended the three-hour workshops presented by Annie Houle, AAUW Project Manager.  In addition, a Facilitator Training session for designated faculty and staff was held on October 8.  The workshops and facilitator training sessions were co-hosted by the Manhattan branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in cooperation with K-State’s Career and Employment Services (CES).

Negotiating salaries and benefits are a challenge for women, since they are less likely to ask for what they deserve.  Based on AAUW research, “one year after graduation, young women earn just 80 percent of what their male counterparts earn and that the gender gap widens over the next 10 years.  A young women graduating today will earn roughly $1 million less then her male counterpart over the course of her career because of this gap.”

K-State students learn skills for negotiating salaries and benefits.

K-State students learn skills for negotiating salaries and benefits.

Nancy Bolsen, AAUW-Manhattan branch president, said that “the $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop is premier among campus programs that offer detailed skill building on pay negotiation.  Participants learn how to compare skills and accomplishments to target realistic salary ranges and practice skills that teach women to aim high and be realistic.”

Tresa Landis, AAUW project coordinator, said that the workshops were funded by sponsorships from the College of Human Ecology; Housing and Dining Services; School of Leadership Studies; Office of the Provost; College of Architecture, Planning and Design; Graduate School; College of Business Administration; Powercat Financial Planning; K-State Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering; Institute of Personal Financial Planning; College of Education; and Torry Dickinson, Women’s Studies.

Faculty and staff attend Facilitator Training session to conduct future $tart $mart Workshops for students, coordinated by Kerri Day Keller, CES.

Faculty and staff attend Facilitator Training session to conduct future $tart $mart Workshops for students, coordinated by Kerri Day Keller, CES.

Many of the sponsoring units sent representatives to the Facilitator Training session.  They will conduct future workshops for K-State students in coordination with Kerri Day Keller, Director of CES (785-532-6506, ces@k-state.edu) under a three-year site license purchased by the donors.  “We’re excited about developing more opportunities for K-State students to be equipped with the knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to launch a successful start for their careers,” Director Keller stated.

As one of the largest women’s organizations in the nation, AAUW offers many other programs that enable women to break through barriers in education, professional development, and fair pay.  The organization provides nearly $4 million annually for women to pursue advanced degrees, especially in fields where women’s participation is low.  Hence, AAUW is a significant source of funding for graduate students, postgraduates, and faculty.  Funding applications are available at www.aauw.org or for questions contact aauw@act.org.

Membership in AAUW is open to all graduates holding an associate or equivalent, baccalaureate or higher degree.  E-student affiliation is FREE to all full-time K-State undergraduates.  For information about upcoming Manhattan branch meetings, activities, and membership information visit http://manhattan-ks.aauw.net.