October 9, 2017
First Congregational Church, 700 Poyntz Avenue, 6:00 p.m

Connie Noble introduced Karen Hawes a consultant in the field of Nursing. She is now at K Stat after working as an Instructor at Washburn University and Wichita State University. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing with emphasis in family practice. Her program covered the Title X Family Planning Program: What You Need to Know. She emphasized a major break-through being the LARC (Long Acting Reproductive Contraception) Program for Birth Control among the low income people.

Title X Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program in Kansas provides services such as mammograms, vaccinations, etc. to low income people. In 2012 The Affordable Care Act made this available for hard to reach populations and for everyone in the United States. No proof of citizenship is asked for. Discounts are based on income of the person. Some counties in Kansas collaborate together for services because a 40% match of Federal Funds given is required of the county. Some counties cannot afford the matching funds, the personnel (Registered Nurse) or they lack a large need in the county. Riley County in Kansas has two places providing these LARC services. They are the Kanza Clinic and the Riley County Health Department.

The most popular contraceptives include the IUD (Inter Urinary Device) $200, the Diaphragm $25, and the Birth Control Pills $25 for the written prescription and then the person must pay for each prescription given. With the LARC program the Copper IUD is used by most women. Because this type of contraceptive needs a person’s decision to take it out, it is 99% effective while others are less effective. Sterilization is an option but very, very costly with the anesthesiologist, nurse, etc. being required. Of all the contraceptives in the LARC program the IUDs are most effective even though they cost much more.

The Colorado Family Planning Initiative from 2009 – 2015 was funded by Mrs. Warren Buffet for 27 million dollars. With these types of contraceptives used, Colorado had 50% less pregnancies compared to times prior. When the program discontinued receiving funding in 2016 private agencies worked together with the women of the State and got the money provided.   Other states are now using the plan for their Family Planning Programs. Riley County didn’t want the program but 100 people showed up at a commission meeting last year and after hearing the people they accepted funding but are still not accepting spending on certain contraceptives. Work still needs to be done in this area for Riley County.

How do we proceed from here for our Family Planning Program?
1. Women must know that it is a critical decision to have the LARC item, such as the IUD removed.
2. Staying on Birth Control must be the default.

MEMBERS PRESENT: 22 members attended.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Mary Stamey

Past President:
Karen Tinkler – no report.

Co-Vice Presidents of Programs: Connie Noble present, Tresa Landis present – see announcements below.

Membership Vice-President: no report.

Secretary: Maurine Pruitt presented the minutes of the last board meeting at the tables for all to read.

Treasurer: Shauntia Ripee present. Placed the following report for every member to read:
Ending Cash Balance    September 30, 2017   $ 2,454.51

Director-at-Large: Marilyn Bunyan – no report.

AAUW Funds: Joan Strickler reported that 250 women are benefited with 3.7 million dollars through the AAUW Funds. A “hat” (bucket) was passed at the meeting October 9, 2017 for the AAUW fundraising project. These funds will be used in fellowships, and grants for our members. They may also be used in Washington DC for legal advocacy and for developing public policy that affects women’s lives. If you write a check to the AAUW Fund, the amount will be tax deductible.

By-Laws: Nancy Bolsen and Marilyn Bunyan – no report.

Public Policy: Jean Lee – absent- no report.

League of Women Voters Coordinator: The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a Legislative Outlook Public Meeting at Meadowlark Community Room at 2121 Meadowlark Road. This is on Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 9:00-11:00am with coffee and donuts being available. Those invited to speak are Senator Tom Hawk, Representatives Ron Highland, Susie Swanson, Sydney Carlin, and Tom Phillips.

State Board Liaison: Nancy Bolsen – no report.

Webmaster & Newsletter: Barbara Gatewood announced that we do have a new Facebook page. You may access it with  AAUW Manhattan, then click on “Like” to follow us.  Our old Facebook page had branch as part of the name, but we are now dropping that part.

Yearbook: Tresa Landis announced that the remaining Yearbooks were place at the entrance for members to pick up.


Faculty Advisor for AAUW at Kansas State University: Rachel Miles – no report.

Archives: Joan Strickler – no report.

Branch Scholarship Chair: Claudia Jones – no report.

National Fellowship and Grants: Rebecca Bahlmann – no report.

University Representatives: Rachel Miles and Tara Fronce – no report.

Interest Groups: Joan Strickler announced that Great Decisions will meet the 2nd Thursday at 4:00pm (note time change) to discuss a chapter from their book.

From our retreat we do need to develop a Mixer for Partnering our new members with an existing member.   We will need someone to organize this gathering. Karen Tinkler is going to check on one place for this to happen.

We need to obtain a Membership chairperson.


It was announced that everyone should attend a candidate forum before the elections. You will become a much more informed voter at election time after attending one of the candidate forums.

Mary Stamey announced that every member does need to go vote on November 7th for the Board of Education candidates of their choice and the City Commission candidates they want to serve next.

Karen McCulloh announced that there will be a discussion meeting held on November 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Fire Station Headquarters concerning Rape Responders and our Title IX responsibilities.

Connie Noble sent notices around that told about our next branch meeting and Mary Stamey also made similar announcement. It is the following:

Our next Branch meeting is November 13, 2017 at the Kansas State University Student Union, in the Flint Hills Room, 7:00 pm. The Program is Take Off Your Hoop Earrings Before You Put On Your Gas Mask: A Civilian Chick’s Survival Guide to a War Zone. This is also sponsored by the Women of K- State and AAUW at K – State Student Organization. Refreshments and networking will happen after the program.

Note the change of location and time for our next meeting: the Flint Hills Room at the K- State Student Union Building at 7:00 p.m. on November 13, 2017.

Our Next Board Meeting is Monday, November 6, 2017 at 4:00 pm at Vista Drive In.

Birthday members were recognized for October and July.


Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Maurine Pruitt, Secretary